To EVERYTHING there is a SEASON...
A TIME for EVERY PURPOSE under HEAVEN... Ecclesiastes 3:1

At Changing Seasons, we are focused on providing: 


All information shared by you with your therapist, will remain private.  Any inquiry will not be acknowledged without the consent of the client. There are however two exceptions to this right of confidentiality: 1) when there is a reasonable concern that harm may come to you or others (suicide, homicide, or child abuse) or 2) when a court of law subpoenas information.


Offsite visits may also be arranged upon request of the client at perhaps a local church.


Christian Faith:

The staff at our center is composed of people who confess the historic Christian faith.  The ultimate orientation of our counseling and coaching is to the God described in the Holy Bible, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, whom we worship and serve as Creator, Redeemer, and Helper of the human race.  We respect the right of each client to believe as he or she chooses, which may or may not be in harmony with our faith.  Each client, however, deserves to know in advance of our orientation.


Realistic expectations:

Counseling or coaching by itself may not result in the immediate results you may anticipate.  A realistic timeline will be discussed with your counselor or coach.  Necessary discussion of pertinent issues may, on occasion, be difficult.  Our counselors and coaches are trained and experienced to recognize walls that are not ready to come down; and assist the client in understanding the complexity of their particular situation.  Counseling and coaching has proven to be a necessary component in today's culture. Our expectation is that our counseling and coaching programs will prove to be the very help you need in working toward resolution of the desired results you seek. 




First visits will be 90 to 120 minutes to allow for adequate initial introductory discussions.  Subsequent visits will be scheduled as 50 to 60 minutes.  In the event you believe you will need additional time, please call as soon as possible whereby we will try to be accommodating.


In many instances, coaching sessions can be managed with the use of current technology.  We have several clients who are out of state and the methodology works quite well.


Responsibility regarding payment:

Payment is expected at the end of each session, unless other arrangements have been made.


We have a fluctuating scale based on financial resources of client.  Our doors are open for those in need, and will respectfully discuss payment or non-payment options.  Please call Dr. Black personally at 888-315-4364. 


We do not at this time accept insurance.  We hope to have this resolved soon.

Please do not allow this to keep you from seeking our services...

Please see note above.


Our fee schedule 

$110.00 if joint income is more than $100,000 annually

$100.00 if joint income is between $75,000 and $100,000 annually

$  90.00 if joint income is between $75,000 and $55,000 annually

$  75.00 if joint income is between $55,000 and $35,000 annually

$  60.00 if joint income is less than $35,000 annually